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You scored as Utilitarianism. Your life is guided by the principles of Utilitarianism: You seek the greatest good for the greatest number.

“The said truth is that it is the greatest happiness of the greatest number that

is the measure of right and wrong.”

--Jeremy Bentham

“Whenever the general disposition of the people is such, that each individual regards those only of his interests which are selfish, and does not dwell on, or concern himself for, his share of the general interest, in such a state of things,

good government is impossible.”

--John Stuart Mill

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Saturday, April 21, 2007


Here is Kotiteollisuus from Lappeenranta, Karelia:

For some reason or the other, my 6-month year old niece Aino loves them. She starts to "sing" immedeately when you put on a Kotiteollisuus cd. Seriously. Last Easter when we went to our summer cottage in Kesälahti and put on the Kotiteollisuus cd when we reached Lappeenranta (old family tradition), Aino started to sing. The little munchkin just sang, giggled and sang the rest of our road trip. I do not know, have they inserted some hidden baby-activating components to their songs, that adults can not hear ??? Or is Aino realising on some level, that "this dude sings the same language as my Mom and Dad (and favourite auntie, of course !) are talking". Aino is certainly used to metal-music, as my brother and sister-in-law are listening to it a lot. Well, basically all the time. Aino "sings" along other metal-bands, too. But the strongest reaction is always to Kotiteollisuus. Strange, huh ???

This song "Jos Sanon", is from "Tomusta ja Tuhkasta" cd (published 2000). I simply love this song because of the lyrics:
"Jos sanon, ett taivas on musta
se on niin musta kun tahdon sen olevan ja
jos sanon, ett maailma ei pyöri
se ei silloin pyöri, jumalauta"

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

This one is for Anniina:
The new job is very interesting and I am loving it ! My team books flights, hotels, cars etc. for religious and humanitarian organisations involved in missionary and relief work. Our customers include many churches, ministries and development organisations. The destinations are mainly in Africa and Asia and I better start reading my Atlas as I am not so good at African geography :) There are lot of new things I still have to learn, but I can finally use the huge flight route map inside my head. And it certainly helps, that I know so many airport 3-letter codes. The invoicing system is a bit complicated than the previous one I used, but I'll learn it. And it still is a blast every morning, when I open the reservation system (insert standing ovations for Amadeus here) and I'm so happy, that I do not have to work with "the-one-whose-name-we-do-not-mention"-system no longer.
My co-workers seem nice and I am sure I'll enjoy working with them. I know most of them from my previous job from Töölö and it was like getting home. I wont'be socializing with them after work as much as I did (and still do) with the "kids" from Kilroy, but that is ok. I have 35 co-workers (3 + me in my team) and it is fine with me. I do not like working in big organisations, when you do not know all the people.

So everything looks ok at the moment, but I still do not know, when you can come and pick me up from Newark. Couple of the women at work have noticed my super-cool Vans-slip on's and I've already got 2 Vans orders for their kids :) The black-out period for the BA flights is July 1st - August 15th, but I still haven't talked to my boss about my summer holiday, sorry !

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Personal DNA: I'm a Dynamic Director

My Personal Dna Report

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